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07 April 2013 @ 08:25 pm

Cute Purikura Online cute
So because I'm trying to escape reality, I've been spending way too much time on the net. I saw Samenashi's post about Jin's concert and then started to wonder when we were going to see a CD. Well, there's no CD listed, but Eternal is being released as a single on the 2nd of March. So that's something to look forward too XD. It's such a pretty song too. If you want to check it out (and double check my Japanese skills, because I could be way off) here's a link  http://wmg.jp/artist/jinakanishi/news.html#32712  As far as I can tell it's being released with Murasaki and comes with a postcard  or a colour booklet depending on which version you buy 0.0. I think there is also a version that comes with a dvd with the making of eternal (and I will be seriously pissed if there is no mention of Yamapi, because i thought they wrote the original version together for a friends wedding? but i could just be severely miss-informed). Well everything still looks very Johnny's with the multiple release of the same product thing...is he still considered Johnny's....OH I"M SO CONFUSED.

Ok well i'm off to where things make more sense...aka something Arashi related. And yay for the DVD release a day after my birthday...can't wait XD. Actually Johnny"s is looking pretty busy, T&T concert DVD, Yamapi new single, Yamapi solo album (HOW EXCITING!!!!), Arashi concert DVD, new KaT-TUN single and that's all before Feb 3rd! Plus I saw a clip of the opening for Aiba's drama, so I guess Arashi will have a new single out soon too! Yay that's plenty to keep me distracted.
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16 May 2010 @ 08:12 pm
Ok so i never update this damn thing, but i might as well write something. So one thing is for certain, Arashi is just the best ever..those boys could have a cooking show and i'd watch it, hell if they just sat around a table and talked i'd watch it. I just finished the G no Arashi series that was filled with much halarity and random Arashiness. The new show seems interesting and granted has made me laugh, so Shiyagare has promise. I'm sure that it will be even better when i find it with subs so i can actually understand what they are saying. As for the new single, it's growing on me, but it wont make it into my top 10 Arashi songs. Kaibutsu-kun has turned out to be a real treat...riida you are so awesome. Really is there anything that these 5 can't do. Haha well i know there is but watching them stuff up occasionally is half the fun.

In other JE related thoughts...KAT-TUN. I really can't decide if i'm a fan or not. I guess i like about half the group, and the others either leave no impression or just annoy me. I can't say that i like the new single and i'm sick of seeing them on Music Station...what is this like the 4th week in a row? OK i get that you are trying to boost their sales...here's an idea how bout a decent song (sorry to any fans...not like anyone reads this anyway, and i do like some of their music), i kinda feel like i'm getting yelled at in fall down. Going is ok, but i guess i miss the extra whatever it is that Jin brings in to the vocals. So far the only song that i could actually say i liked is answer. I don't mind that song, but it re-enforces the pattern that generally i like KAT-TUN better when it's not all of them together. Maybe i just have to listen to the songs more? I hope Jin does well in his concert in LA, wish i could go...damn other side of the world. Ah well i guess the jury is still out on these guys, will have to wait and see what they do next (maybe i should just stick to watching Kamenashi in dramas, and listening to Akanishi and Nakamaru songs...hm that sounds like a good plan).

NEWS where have you been hiding. I never really got into this group, i'm not a huge JE follower, with the exception of Arashi who just keep growing and growing on me. But damn these guys are kind of endearing. I don't like all their music but they have quite a few nice songs, so they are growing on me (although i think they can't dance....lol-few exceptions in the group). Well i like Yamapi's dramas so i might start seeing what the rest of NEWS is like.

Basically i guess i'll just stick to the Arashi fandom, I hope they never change they're just so much fun. Much love 嵐。=)
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26 February 2010 @ 09:13 pm
Bleh! I can't believe AnS is ending next month...that's like 3 more eps. I really liked that show, it was nice to see Arashi just being stupid and eating tasty looking food. Where are we going to get our Obaka undokai and Aibaland from now? And does this also mean that there will be no more Odoroki no Arashi? I guess the only thing I can look forward to is the new show, although another talk show doesn't sound that interesting, still it is Arashi (they make standing still in clothes interesting aka maniquen 5) so I'll keep my hopes up.

On another note new single =) Yay!! I actually didn't like it the first time I heard it, but it's grown on me, it's actually quite catchy.
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16 February 2010 @ 01:43 pm
Ah, I've been so into Arashi lately that I forgot all about KAT-TUN...sorry boys. Anyhow all of a sudden I stared watching the recent bits about Yamande and Bandage and some vids of their older concerts. It kinda has changed the way I think of the group. No doubt about it I love Arashi, especially when their on their own TV shows (がんばれ しょーちゃん ヴァンクバで), but I think KAT-TUN has a special something as well (well at least most of KAT-TUN). I really wish I could have gone to Jin's solo concert, since i found out he wrote/composed some of the songs on his own I like him a lot more now (shit have you heard Eternal? OMG <3). I think the talent's there, and I loved the solo of Wonder he did in their concert =). Kame on the other hand...as much as I adore him...I don't know, his solo's were just a bit o.o? and his outfits make me laugh. On the upside, there is yet to be a Kame drama that i've hated (someone give Jin some more TV dramas too please). The other surprise...Nakamaru can actually sing? I wasn't really expecting much (let's face it even us JE fangirls know that not all the JE boys can sing), but he was really good. Ueda was also quite good, Taguchi makes me shake my head (if he just sang and didn't talk we would be fine) and Koki just plain scares me. Well i guess this just boils down to me adding Cartoon Kat-tun back onto my JTV watching schedule. Here's hoping a new album comes out soon (i'm not holding my breath or anything but a Jin solo album would be nice too). Alright off to watch AnS
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18 January 2010 @ 08:13 pm
Ok so i just finished watching Buzzer Beat and Dragon zakura and am halfway through proposal daisakusen (haha so late i know, but i was avoiding them cause i wasn't a fan of Yamapi) and am now totally aboard the Yamapi band wagon. I wasn't real impressed after watching Nobuta (liked the show though), I though he was kinda weird, but now i realise he was weird because he can actually act. I think that of the younger (20 something) JE boys, Yamapi is probably one of the better actors. Out of all the dramas of his that i've seen the characters he plays are different and he seems to actually pull them off, so i'm looking forward to whatever he stars in next (can't handle Code Blue-hate hospital dramas).
01 January 2010 @ 10:52 am
Happy New Year! So it's now 2010...and has been for some time here already, I was just too lazy to get out of bed, plus it's raining. I didn't manage to watch Johnny's countdown live, but just finished watching it then, so if you missed it, it's up on utube already. I don't think it was as good as last years, or the year befores, but it was still fun to watch. Arashi was MC again this year and they did an awesome job of the group challenge (singing another Johnny's group song, i think they sun a Kanjani 8 song, i'm not sure...but it was cute), anyway Kanjani 8 made me laugh when they tried to do One Love, it just looked so funny with them in colourful jumpsuits with 8 on their butts. There was something up with KAT-TUN, and out of all the Johnny's groups (as much as i love them, i have to say it) they aren't as strong live, i swear one of them was off key during Real Face. Ah, but who cares they're still fun to watch. So I hope everyone has a great year, I'm looking forward to Kame's new drama starting in a couple of weeks, and the return of VS Arashi...thank goodness for Keyhole TV!!! Let's all have a JE filled year =)!

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