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leanan_je's Journal

25 January
I like listening to JPop, specifically Arashi, KAT-TUN, News, Greeeen, Aqua Timez, Yui and Utada, but will give any group a listen. I am a fan of Arashi, and basically think those 5 could be entertaining no matter what they are doing. I watch most of their TV shows (sniff AnS) and have a number of their songs on repeat ^^. I enjoy J-dramas and generally follow two or three series each season. I also watch Tensai, Music station, Utaban and whatever else catches my interest. I like reading fantasy and science fiction books and going horse riding.

This journal is basically a place for me to rant and fan girl over Arashi and other JE groups and flail with other fan girls, although occasionally I might vent about real life.

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arashi, fan-girling over je groups., horse riding, j-drama, jpop, jtv, kat-tun, music, news, reading